The FABRICS and YARNS we select are ORGANIC. The fibres are pure and chemical-free.

The production and use of organic materials tends to preserve the biodiversity.
Organic textile manufacturing does not rely on harsh chemicals such as pesticides or insecticides protecting the original and natural composition of the soil.
Even through the selection of a correct dyeing process for individual garments, much can be done for the environment.
As a rule, we use dyes with a low water impact, which guarantees less use of water and polluting liquids.
Organic cultivation, including rainwater recovery systems, reduces the use and waste of water resources.

Natural materials have been shown to be more durable than chemical fibres. The improved and prolonged yield encourages people to love each individual garment and to use it for a longer period. Every garment is produced to live and last.

For our own well-being and that of the environment we live in, we learn to choose what we wear.