We strongly believe that the future of fashion is circular.

Sadly, the production of clothing is one of the most polluting supply chains in the world today. The system needs a radical transformation.

The responsibility of this change regards all of us, we must make a firm commitment to change our working and consumption habits.

The aim is to reconsider what we already have, raw materials and pre-manufactured goods, by simply giving them a new life.

Reusing what has already been produced and re-producing it so that it can now last over time. In making garments we select MATERIALS that are already in existence, thus giving new life to fabrics and yarns that would otherwise be discarded or left unused. Even in our stylistic choices, we support the concept of lasting in time through a reinterpretation.

In order for the transition to a circular fashion model to take place, and to go from an ideal model to reality, we need strong and lasting value partnerships that highlight the power of change.

We are all protagonists of a possible change.